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Our Acro classes combine Acrobatic gymnastic skills such as forward rolls, cartwheels, aerials, arabians etc alongside modern dance. Students study the Acrobatic Arts syllabus to take exams as well as learning routines to perform in our show.


These classes are for students who already attend an Acro class. Student are taken through corner work exercises, kicks, leaps turns, etc in the first part of class. In the second part they work routines to perform in competitions and shows. Students are invited to join this class when the teacher feels they are ready but please do register your interest if you think this class would be suited to you. 


Our musical theatre class takes students through vocal coaching as well as dancing and acting. Combining these together, students learn routines from musicals to perform in our shows and competitions.

A combination of classes- 30 minutes of ballet, 30 minutes of Technique (Kicks, turns, leaps etc) and 30 mins of Acro Advanced tumbling. This class can only be taken alongside a graded Acro class. It is meant as a way to enhance and advance training technique. 

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